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Sandra’s Story

Subject: Hate This Car Now! Message: We bought our Ford Explorer October 16, 2018 and took our first road trip in this vehicle on November 23, 2017. We drove about 300 miles south to Galveston, TX. On the way back home, I was driving , when we got to about Houston, I told my husband I needed to pull over and let him drive, as I didn’t feel good and felt like I was going to pass out. He drove the rest of the way back home. I was thinking maybe I was getting sick or coming [...]

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Brittany’s Story

Subject: My accident June 26th 2018 Message: I bought my vehicle in November of 2017 a 2016 Ford Explorer with 26000 miles. My boyfriend heard about the CO recalls and put in a claim in May in regards to my 2016 Ford explorer to lemon law because the carbon monoxide detector in my vehicle began alarming in May. He contacted Lemon law immediately after it happened for the first time, so that they had it on record. Lemon law apparently tried reaching out to him but his voicemail was full. Unfortunately, my car never got brought into [...]

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Jason’s Story

Subject: Exhaust smells Message: i have a very heavy odor exhaust under heavy load I've only had my vehicle for a few weeks took it on the road for a trip about 2hrs one way my wife and my self started having head Aches and not feeling well Amazon sure exactly what it was started doing research about the odor that comes in my car under hard acceleration finding out about the carbon monoxide poisoning issue and thinking of that maybe what's going on usually am not driving the car more than 15 minutes at a time [...]

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David’s Story

Subject: Car Fuels smells and steering wheel locked Message: This truck had issues with car fuel smells inside while driving and sterling wheels locks! Help please fix this  Steve's Response From what you described, you have an Explorer with a problem. I cant offer any advice on the steering wheel problem  but I can offer some advice on what sounds like a Carbon Monoxide problem The only immediate solution is to drive with the windows open to protect you and your family A small bit of good news, Ford just extended the "Customer Satisfaction Program (17N03). You [...]

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Richard’s Story

I purchased the car in August 2018 and was living in the Boston area. Last month I moved to FL.and have been getting exhaust fumes in the cab. Windows are always closed now. While driving today I was getting tired while driving. I put the windows down which helped for a while. After closing all of the windows the fumes were back. I noticed that the worst of it was when I was sitting in Traffic or stopped at a light. I went on the Ford web site and it shows the repairs ended on 12/31/2018. [...]

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Jesse’s Story

I wish I had put two and two together years ago. My 2014 Explorer had always been a decent vehicle, but there was always something strange about it; my son would get nauseous without exception. He threw up numerous times from car sickness, but ONLY FROM THIS VEHICLE. He’s never been car sick in another vehicle. The really scary part of my story is the accident that I had. Two years ago I was nearing my office after a long commute and I “woke up” in the middle of an intersection with cars coming at me [...]

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John’s Story

I have had my Explorer for approximately one year and I am concerned with the exhaust fumes cabin order within during heavy acceleration. Has been to the dealer service department in my area twice now due to these concerns. The first time was under my Felician asking them to see if there was a leak of some sort hitting the exhaust manifold or pipes. Second was a field service bulletin that Ford put out which involved checking the rear of the car for leaks, replacing drain plugs in the rear hatch, and reprogramming the climate control [...]

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Bert’s Story

I purchased my explorer on November 27, 2017 and was ecstatic. The thing was awesome, until… About mid January I started getting headaches and fatigue. I thought it was just part of life and the stress that comes with it. But it kept being persistent and getting worse. My wife kept asking if things were ok because my personality was changing. It was scary. I purchased a CO detector without a digital readout in late February and I installed it on March 8. On March 12 it went off on my way to work. I had [...]

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Charlie’s story

I just had a 2013 Explorer Limited inspected by a local dealership because I was thinking of buying it…the dealership informed me that they had performed the "recall" for carbon monoxide. When I asked them to elaborate, they said they had replaced and resealed the plugs under the vehicle and reprogramed the HVAC system. I did some research…I have owned 9 Fords and am shocked by Ford's response to this issue…so I called the Ford Hotline and they played dumb. I am seriously reconsidering buying this vehicle and have ordered a carbon monoxide detector to measure [...]

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Dina’s Story

I bought my Ford Explorer last year and I did not smell the exhaust until driving it for a couple of months. Now I smell it any time I accelerate hard or the RPMs go above 3,000. I have driven it on trips that consist of high speeds such as 75 to 80mph for a few hours and when we got there, my kids were complaining of being sick to their stomach and just not feeling well. It is ridiculous that I can't drive my vehicle comfortably and I constantly have to roll my windows down [...]

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