Azrin’s Story

//Azrin’s Story

Azrin’s Story

I just came to read about your stories and i am truly shocked. I’m just about finalizing a deal to buy a used 2015 ford explorer, and now i am worried. Have you tested other ford explorer that doesnt have this problem?

Steve’s Comment

Interesting question
I only hear from people when they have problems but would give you the following advice
The design of the complete exhaust system from exhaust manifold through to the tips is bad and is subject to leakage. That is part one. Part two is that there are numerous places that once the Carbon Monoxide is free, it is sucked into the vehicle.
Does it happen to 100% of Explorers from 2011 to 2017 ? To some degree yes. Should you take a chance and buy one knowing that Ford is pushing back so hard on a responsible fix, I surely would not. Its too much of a risk.
Read the stories, dont put yourself through the possibility
Azrin’s Response
Thanks for the reply, and thanks for informing the world regarding this issue.
I was planning to buy a CO Monitor to check if there was an issue with the car that i am buying, but you are 100% right, I would not be in my right mind to put my family in this car with any possibility of the CO leaking into the cabin.
Strangely, here in Middle East there are also hundreds of thousands of 2011-2017 Ford Explorers on the road and none of the CO issues you guys had in the US have caught wind here. I think the media somehow does a very good job to not report this here and cause panic as for sure Ford would have to take notice as we are the biggest consumers of Ford outside of US.
Wish you guys all the best in getting real results in. and hopefully any rectification works extend outside of US too for the benefit of all.
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