Brittany’s Story

//Brittany’s Story

Brittany’s Story

  • Subject: My accident June 26th 2018

    I bought my vehicle in November of 2017 a 2016 Ford Explorer with 26000 miles. My boyfriend heard about the CO recalls and put in a claim in May in regards to my 2016 Ford explorer to lemon law because the carbon monoxide detector in my vehicle began alarming in May. He contacted Lemon law immediately after it happened for the first time, so that they had it on record. Lemon law apparently tried reaching out to him but his voicemail was full. Unfortunately, my car never got brought into the shop, before my accident a week ago. We had been trying to catch the carbon monoxide detector going off, on camera, so that we would have proof, prior to going to the dealership. However, my accident occurred before this could happen. On June 26th 2018, I was driving home from work …I have an hour communte… in my 2016 Ford explorer in which I paid $40,000 for. I had just left work not even 15 minutes ago when I was driving without complication…and that’s the last thing i remember. The next thing i know…i “woke up” to my head smashing against the steering wheel, my explorer crashing into what seemed like trees or a ditch and my car coming to a harsh halt…the air bags deployed in my face and my car (Ford 2016 explorer) lit on fire under the hood… I tried to get out but my foot was pinned under the gas pedal. I managed after some time to slip my foot out of my nursing clogs. My explorer went up in flames and was totalled a few days ago. I went by ambulance right back to the place I work as a nurse..and experienced the most pain I ever felt in my life that night…in my foot. I underwent surgery the very next day as I sustained EXTENSIVE damage to my right foot…according to the orthopedic trauma surgeon, I broke 2 of the 3 bones in my foot-the talus bone. It took her SIX hours in surgery to try and repair it…she said my bones were broken into tiny little pieces and she did the best she could to repair it by placing an extra long plate in my foot. Unfortunately, when I try to walk again in 3 to 6 months, if this extra long plate causes me pain or irritation, I will have to undergo another surgery to have it removed or adjusted. I also have 60 to 70% chance of obtaining something called avascular necrosis in that foot which means my foot will die and I will lose my foot or never walk correctly again. On the way home I was NO WHERES nears tired to the point of falling asleep, I did not feel myself get sleepy. Normally when driving if I were ever to get sleepy I would feel my eyes start to feel heavy and I would immediately open the window or turn up the radio. This did not happen this night…I was driving fine…and that’s the last thing I is as if I just…”passed out!” Could this have been a carbon monoxide leak in which I experienced ? I am out a vehicle…the claim is in process but I still owed I think $30000 on the vehicle which means I probably will owe on it even though its burned and totalled…I dont think it will be worth even close to what I owe…therefore I will owe on it, and have to come up with the money to buy another vehicle. I am out of work for 3 to 6 months at least and that Is assuming I will ever walk again !!! I was going to pursue my nurse practitioner after i finish my bachelors but that is now pending due to the injuries in my foot and what the future holds for my foot and walking. I always have gotten car sick in cars however in my Explorer I was extremely nauseated every time I rode passenger and a couple days before the accident I dropped my boyfriend off at work and that morning I pulled over to vomit, before even pulling out of the driveway of his work. I also experienced a miscarriage in April, in which I was 3 months pregnant and there is no explained cause for. HELP! I dont think I will be covered under lemon law because my car was not serviced! I included only ONE photo of the damage to me and my car
    Sincerely, Brittany N. Huric.

  • Steve’s Comments 
    First off, I apologize for not getting back to you earlier
    Second, I hope that you are healing
    Third, I hope that you are making progress with Ford Motor Co
    Your story sound eerily similar to the story of the police officer whose accident started this whole horror story several years ago. Yes, 100 % your words of “going to sleep” to me indicate Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
    I hope that you have become the squeaky wheel and have been making progress of getting your vehicle paid for and compensation for your medical expenses. Have you taken your story to the media ? If not, I can put you in touch with some folks that had been been involved with tv coverage at a national level
    Please get back to me with your status and I will help you in any way that I can
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