Becki’s Comment

I just had my first problem last week with fumes inside the cabin. I have a brand new 2016 Platinum Explorer that I bought last summer. It's been at the dealership for 4 days now and so far all I'm getting is "we don't know", it's mechanically sound, everything is running fine... I've filed a complaint on the NHSTA website. Mine has the same twin turbo engine as the police vehicles and have read that those are susceptible to exhaust manifold cracking! I can not find anywhere that Ford has found a "fix" except that "maybe [...]

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Laura’s Story

THERE'S EXHAUST FUME IN THE CABIN My wife has SUFFERED SEVERE HEADACHE AFTER 60 mins of DRIVING INCLUDED MY 20MONTHS OLD BABY. MY CAR HAS ALREADY BEEN REPAIRED Once and is in the shop again because I left a CO2 senors in back seat and has gone off multiple times. On 1/9, my wife got in a accident going 5 mph only and thank god no one got hurt. The car is at the Ford dealer now. Ford is not being very helpful. I don’t want the car anymore. It is a huge safety concern and [...]

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Taylor’s Story

Hi, I recently purchased a 2014 Ford Explorer. I am bringing it to my local Ford dealership for CSP #17N03. How concerned should I be about me and my family driving in my explorer? Is there any hope that Ford will buy back affected Ford Explorer models?   Steve's Comments I would urge you to take matters into your own hands and do not depend on Ford. Yes, take your car for the "courtesy inspection" but keep your expectations low. Have any of your family members experienced any symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning: dizziness, blurred vision, [...]

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Stacy’s Story

We have a 2015 Ford Explorer that we bought new in May 2015. We started complaining of exhaust smells in the vehicle about 4 days after purchase. It took fighting with Ford for over a year and finally repairs were done. My vehicle went into the garage 4 times and had repairs 3 of those 4. No fix to the exhaust smell as of yet. I obtained an attorney about 5 months ago so that Ford could replace my vehicle. It has been a disaster!! They agreed to replace the vehicle but they are not wanting [...]

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Freddy’s Story

I have been dealing with headaches and nausea for a couple of months now. I finally realized that it was likely a carbon monoxide issue with my 2013 Explorer. I have gone to my MD today for a blood test and I have scheduled an appointment with the local dealer next Monday to check the vehicle with the Customer Satisfaction Program 17N03. I would like to test the vehicle before I take it to the dealership so I have a baseline to compare with what they might find. Or not. I am having trouble finding a [...]

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Al’s Story

I was looking at purchasing an Explorer but came across your website. Thus, I've shelved buying one. I've been researching the issue and understand Ford is not doing an outright recall, but offering a "complimentary service" to Explorer owners to deal with the problem. Has there been any reviews of the "complimentary service" Ford has offered on fixing this issue? In essence, does it solve the problem? Thank you.   Steve's Comments Glad you asked It has been proven many times that Ford is unable/unwilling to fix the problem. The current "Customer Satisfaction"  letter that states [...]

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Jason’s Story

Do I have much of a case to sue Ford in small claims court? I'm an owner of a 16 explorer Steve's Comments As a lawyer from Florida told me: "personally, its great that you were not harmed maimed, mutilated or killed, legally, its a shame that you were not harmed, maimed, mutilated or killed". Bottom line, its just not worth it to go after Ford legally.  They have more money and more experts than you do. Your best option is to become the squeaky wheel. There have been owners that have been successful in getting [...]

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They've repurchased our SUV and we were exposed to exhaust fumes for over a year. Had SUV tested at local fire department. Reading showed 15, lowest allowed is 9. We only drove around the area, had we driven on highway it would have gotten much higher according to the fire fighter. It is odorless, but exhaust fumes aren't. Ford does not have a fix, will never buy a FORD again.   Steve's Comment Can I ask you to expand on your story.  That way others can learn from your experience What did you go through to [...]

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Lynn’s Story

Good day, I purchased a brand new Ford Explorer in February 2015. I have been ill for the past 1.5 years. After receiving information in the mail at the end of Nov. 2017 explaining the carbon monoxide I decided to see my Specialist again.He sent me to the lab and I have carbon monoxide poisoning. I am 100 percent certain that this had accumulated in my body since 2015. I am the sole driver of the Ford. I have put on 56622 kilometers since I purchased the car.   Steve's response I am very [...]

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Successful Explorer Repairs

Sent in by Dr. Albert Donnay Describes two successful Explorer exhaust repairs completed in Waldorf, Md. Good news for Ford Explorer owners: Since the release of CSP17N03 on 10/26/17, a Ford dealership in Waldorf MD has been able to completely eliminate CO leaks in 2 Explorers in which I had previously recorded peaks during high speed acceleration of 6 and 24ppm.  This repair did not require the replacement of either rear air extractor. Tempered by bad news: These repairs required the assistance of an engineer sent by Ford who provided services that are not mentioned in [...]

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