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//Charlie’s story

Charlie’s story

I just had a 2013 Explorer Limited inspected by a local dealership because I was thinking of buying it…the dealership informed me that they had performed the “recall” for carbon monoxide. When I asked them to elaborate, they said they had replaced and resealed the plugs under the vehicle and reprogramed the HVAC system. I did some research…I have owned 9 Fords and am shocked by Ford’s response to this issue…so I called the Ford Hotline and they played dumb. I am seriously reconsidering buying this vehicle and have ordered a carbon monoxide detector to measure the CO levels within the vehicle before I decide whether or not to purchase it (and to measure the levels in my current Ford Freestyle). If these levels come back at zero, is there any chance that the vehicle could have CO problems in the future? In other words, is this a problem that seems to develop over time or are they coming off the line with these issues? Either way…Ford is going to get an earful from me…don’t mess with us highly educated OCD Moms!


Steve’s comments

I am very happy that you are taking the right steps by being an educated consumer.
Your response to being shocked about Ford’s response to this issue is exactly why I created this site after I resolved my own issue. Think about it, they have known since 2011 and 1.6 million vehicles. First, they ignored it, then they acknowledged the problem only in police vehicles, which they are fixing.  This shows that Ford knows how to fix the problem. They then published several Dealer Technical Bulletins to address the issues for consumers. PS – they dont work either. The story goes on and on. BUT – not a recall
Its been my experience that the most recent “fix” doesnt work either. We have tested many vehicles that have had this work performed to see no improvement in Carbon Monoxide readings.
The CO leaks can come from a multitude of spots. Many of these are from manufacturing, some develop later.
If you are convinced that you must have this vehicle, absolutely purchase a quality CO detector (three are recommend in my site). I strongly advise against the purchase of the vehicle. I have heard too many stories
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