Dina’s Story

//Dina’s Story

Dina’s Story

I bought my Ford Explorer last year and I did not smell the exhaust until driving it for a couple of months. Now I smell it any time I accelerate hard or the RPMs go above 3,000. I have driven it on trips that consist of high speeds such as 75 to 80mph for a few hours and when we got there, my kids were complaining of being sick to their stomach and just not feeling well. It is ridiculous that I can’t drive my vehicle comfortably and I constantly have to roll my windows down to get rid of the smell.


Steve’s advice

I hate to say it but Welcome to the club.
NOW, what are you going to do about it ?
I would like offer a number of suggestions
-Get yourself a Carbon Monoxide detector with a digital readout. I have three different recommendations on my siteĀ http://fordexplorernightmare.com/what-you-can-do/
– Take the detector for a ride along with a passenger. Have the passenger take a cell phone video of the results
– Call the Ford dealer nearest to you & ask to have “Ford Customer Satisfaction Program – 17N03” performed on your vehicle. When you give them the vehicle for this service, be very very specific on the words “smelled exhaust odor, kids becoming ill” etc etc. Be sure these words and the measurement from the detector are included in the service record
– Carefully read the words on the work performed documentation when the vehicle is returned to you
– Take your vehicle for another ride with the Carbon Monoxide detector & document the results
– Become familiar the lemon laws on your state
– If you must drive your vehicle, do so with the windows open
– Submit a complaint on the NHTSA web site
– Submit a complaint to Ford
As I say in my site, BTSW (Become the Squeaky Wheel)
Please keep me updated with results. Its important for others to see your story
Good luck
Please call me any time, I have lots of experience & am glad to help
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  1. David B March 15, 2018 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Building on your suggestion of video taping the carbon monoxide meter results, I am planning to get another carbon monoxide meter that has a 32,000 entry data logger, and it has the option for a sample rate such as every minute. Some of these data logger CO meters have the option as what ppm of CO will trigger the alarm. Consequently, I will run the data logger, and when I get an alarm, then I will start video recording. I can then present Ford with the data logger chart, as well as video that will match the data logger result. Will follow up with more info and results.

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