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So on to our story.  When we test drove the new vehicle we were not allowed to test drive it on the interstate which was very easily accessible.  Instead we were told by the salesman to drive it behind the dealership on a country road for only a short period of time. The salesman rode in the vehicle with the window down and we did not go over 40 mph. We returned to the dealership to process the paperwork.  We drove our suv home from the dealership, which is about 30 miles, to our house and parked our suv in the carport. When we got out of the suv we immediately noticed the nasty rotten egg smell. It smelled like the catalytic converter would have been bad or was going out. On a brand new vehicle? What was that smell?

On FRIDAY, April 24,2015, 2 days after we bought the vehicle, we returned to the Ford dealer with the vehicle and told the service writer and the service manager that there was an awful smell coming from the truck. We stated at that time that we thought the catalytic converter was either going out or was bad, but how could that be on a brand new vehicle. The service manager came out and took our vehicle for a test drive. He preceded to get in the truck, turning the A/C on HIGH and putting the recirculating mode on. He then took off out of the parking lot like a maniac. He drove it to the corner, turned around and came back to the dealership.  He parked the vehicle, we got out of the vehicle, and we said, there is that nasty smell.  He then told us that  it was the new motor burning off the stickers and oil, and that this is a normal smell for a new vehicle. We now know, 2 years later, that was a LIE!  He then told us just to keep driving it, that it was ok, and that at the 5,000 mile oil change they would look at it again if it was still smelling like this.

Needless to say that at the 5,000 mile oil change, February 2016,  it was still smelling like this. We then stated again that the vehicle was still having this nasty smell and that we were really concerned as to what the smell was.  Again, a different service manager, told us the same thing, to continue driving the vehicle that it would eventually stop. We returned with the vehicle again, in April 2017, the vehicle is 2 years old now, after receiving the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT POSTCARD, that never stated that carbon monoxide was entering the vehicle, from Florida. We had just returned from a 9 hour trip, to get there, and 9 hours to return home, we then returned with the vehicle again to the Ford dealership.  This time they performed TSB 16-0166, only because we continued to complain.  After picking up the vehicle from the service department, and driving home, it actually made the smell worse.

During this whole entire time, from DAY 1, my husband and myself were both feeling very strange. Nausea, headaches, vomiting, disorientation, confusion, flu like symptoms, trouble breathing, just feeling ill for this whole entire 2 YEAR period. We had no idea that CARBON MONOXIDE was entering our vehicle, and making us so sick. So we decided to stop driving the vehicle and start driving our old truck. As we started to do this, we noticed the symptoms would ease off some.  Then we just STOPPED driving it altogether. We had to, this was killing us! Then the next thing you know the TV and the INTERNET blew up with all of these people experiencing the same exact symptoms. Police and civilians, both. Ford was still lying to the public. We finally said, THIS IS IT!  We are being poisoned with the carbon monoxide.  All of this time the Ford dealership continued to lie to us, not concerned about anybody’s health or well being at all. So after seeing all of the information on the TV and Internet, we purchased a PYLE LOW LEVEL CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR PCMM05.

We conducted our own test and proved, finally, that the carbon monoxide is definitely entering our vehicle. When we started the vehicle and let it idle, the detector jumped immediately to 5 ppm and 6 ppm, just sitting there idling.  We then took the vehicle on the interstate, and drove between 70 and 75 mph, and after only 30 minutes of driving the detector went all the way up to 64 ppm. At that point we could not take the smell anymore and turned around to go back home. After getting home with all of the same symptoms as before, it took us a week to start feeling better!  So if Ford says they have no proof of carbon monoxide in civilian vehicles that is another lie. We have proof. Ford says that they are going to fix the problem, well how nice of them, since they have been saying for years that there is nothing wrong with them, just keep driving them. Well do any of the Ford employees drive Ford Explorers, they should have to drive them and make themselves sick since they think that we are all making this up.  We certainly are not ALL imagining this problem. Ford can seal up holes and do whatever little fix, but it is the CRACKED EXHAUST MANIFOLDS that is the origin of the carbon monoxide and other exhaust fumes, that is escaping.

After speaking to toxicologist DR. ALBERT DONNAY, I was horrified as to how many entry points were identified where the carbon monoxide and other fumes were entering the cabins of these vehicles. Can any of these Explorers pass an EMISSIONS TEST, and I am not talking about at the ends of the exhaust pipes, I am talking about where these exhaust manifolds are cracked and releasing all of the exhaust fumes back into the cabin of these defectively designed vehicles, with all of the open entry points. Sounds similar to the VOLKSWAGEN SCANDAL. Ford needs to BUYBACK ALL of these defectively designed vehicles that they have sold to unsuspecting customers. The FORD executives should be FORCED to drive every one of these FORD EXPLORERS. They don’t need to do a recall because Ford knows they can’t fix these vehicles, because of the more than 80 entry points where the carbon monoxide is entering the vehicle. Ford would have to disassemble the entire vehicle, inside and out. Ford needs to be held accountable and somebody needs to go to JAIL!

Maybe Ford would pay more attention to the design and development of their products.  We still are not driving our vehicle as of right now, but we are going to put lemon stickers on the windows and I will be driving it around town for short periods of time. Hopefully I can bring some attention to this problem. I know that there are thousands of complaints by Ford customers with these same problems. It is all over multiple websites, and Ford is still denying this problem. It is going to catch up with Ford eventually and when it does I hope and pray that all of these Ford employees who have been saying there is nothing wrong with these defective vehicles ALL GO TO JAIL. We are driving rolling gas chambers and having to pay for them. I will do everything that I can do to hold FORD accountable! They should not be allowed to get away with this!

12/24/2017 update

We had the whole exhaust system smoke tested today on our truck. The mechanic identified 3 leaks in the exhaust system that would be part of the reason carbon monoxide is entering our vehicle.
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Steve’s response

Very interesting and great news for you
Interesting that in multiple visits to Ford Service they were not able to figure this out !!
Cant wait for Jan. We have a bunch of things planned
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