Jesse’s Story

//Jesse’s Story

Jesse’s Story

I wish I had put two and two together years ago. My 2014 Explorer had always been a decent vehicle, but there was always something strange about it; my son would get nauseous without exception. He threw up numerous times from car sickness, but ONLY FROM THIS VEHICLE. He’s never been car sick in another vehicle.

The really scary part of my story is the accident that I had. Two years ago I was nearing my office after a long commute and I “woke up” in the middle of an intersection with cars coming at me from both sides. They slammed into me after I made some split second evasive maneuvers. Luckily no one was injured- although I very well could have killed someone that day. I have never had any safety issues, health issues, or anything else that would explain this strange gap in consciousness that resulted in this accident. They should have considered the vehicle totaled, but the insurance company found a way to avoid replacing it outright. I never went to the hospital, so there’s no proof that it was the cause of either car sickness, or this accident.

I urge anyone with this vehicle to go and get the recall work done even if they do not suspect a problem. I have never smelled what I consider to be a strong-enough exhaust smell in the car to be alarmed, but here we are. I just came from the dealership after having the recall work done and now I feel like there’s no recourse other than letting folks know the truth and writing as many letters as I can.


Steve’s Comments

When you feel sick, when your passengers feel sick, when you have an accident, you never think to blame your vehicle.
As with myself, I never smelled exhaust fumes in my Explorer. CO is odorless
I like to consider my site as a guide to being the squeaky wheel. I hope that you take some time to review all the things that you can do. I strongly suggest complaint letters to Ford and the NHTSA as starters
Unfortunately, it has been proven that the Ford Cust Sat Program, 17N03 repairs DO NOT WORK !! You need to be diligent to protect yourself and your family. I suggest a few things
– Purchase a CO detector to keep in your Explorer. I suggest several different ones in my site
– Whenever you get readings, bring your vehicle in for service. When you do this, be explicit in the work order as to why you are bringing your vehicle in
– Drive with your windows open
– Become familiar with the Lemon Laws in Ca. Ca lemon laws are ranked as the most effective in the US. You may have a problem due to the age of your vehicle but I strongly suggest looking into this
Last, please keep me updated & good luck & be safe
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