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Having lots of headaches and confusion at times. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering things. Will Ford take back my certified 2014 Explorer Limited 4X4. Is anyone else having this problem?


Steve’s response

Thanks for the note and your concern
Absolutely, you are NOT alone.
Myself, other individuals and organizations are here to help and support
I would like to see Ford buy back defective Explorers but more likely is a government mandated recall
There are a number of things that you need to do. Some are for your safety and others will also help all of us towards the goal of forcing a proper recall
My website suggests many different actions to take but let me suggest  a few to get started with
a complaint to Ford Customer Service
  • 1-800-392-3673

– File a complaint at NHTSA

NHTSA web site (National Highway Safety Administration)(click to connect)
Now for the really important part, I need your help to accumulate hard documentation to get on TV and submissions to the NHTSA. This can be done in two ways, or both:
– We are looking for a few Explorer owners that are willing to get their vehicles inspected by independent engineers. This would be done at no cost to you
– I would strongly suggest that you purchase a Carbon Monoxide detector that has a digital display. Put this in your Explorer & take it for a ride. Bring along a passenger to record the results on a cell phone video. Send me the results. I suggest the T-40 Rattler which can be purchased from Graingers
Please keep me updated & Good luck
URGENT NEWS - Important Letters from FORD, The Center for Auto Safety and Albert Donnay, Toxicology Consultant - READ KEY DOCUMENTS