Patty’s Story

//Patty’s Story

Patty’s Story

I have been trying to figure out why my 15 year old is suddenly getting sick. I own a Ford explorer since sept 2017, I never thought it could be my vehicle but this possibility is hard to ignore, My child is high functioning Autism, She is not on any medication. she is a very happy child. Never no health issues. For the past 3 weeks complaints of becoming very dizzy eyes become blurry heart rate goes through the roof. runs around screaming that she feels like she is dying. All symptoms of what looks like a panic attack. Brought her to ER they did not do blood work but did a EEG heart said her heart looked normal but blood pressure is through the roof. I am her mother and i know something is wrong followed up with her doctor and she suggested i go see a heart specialist today we are going or that. also seen a neurologist a few days ago they ordered a bunch of test , mri and mra of brain balance test ekg brain waves so test are not complete yet. My daughter only sits in the 3rd row seat all the way in the back could this possibly be the culprit? will Ford take this lease back, Im really worried.

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First, I am very sad that you and your daughter are experiencing this.
Second, I am not surprised that your doctors are taking you down this path. Most doctors and regular people are not familiar with the effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning especially because they are so generic and people certainly would not consider blaming their vehicle for the problem
Third, congratulations to you for thinking out of the box and reaching out to me
I hope that I can help. I offer the following as first steps. Do these in the following sequence
– It certainly seems like Carbon Monoxide Poisoning could be a possibility and is worthy of investigation. Absolutely mention this to your primary care and discuss the known connection to the Ford Explorer. Blood testing is also a option that I used to confirm my own poisoning. This is a Arterial test and can be painful, so be advised. Also, have you been experiencing any symptoms ? If not, are you a smoker ?
– Absolutely, purchase a Carbon Monoxide Detector immediately that contains a digital readout. Place this in your vehicle, set your A/C in recirculate mode and take it for a ride along with a passenger. During the ride, accelerate heavily, like getting onto a highway. If we are right, you will get a high reading. Have your passenger take a video of the detector. Turn off the AC and open your windows. I recommend several detectors on my site.
I have a loaner detector that I would like to offer but it is out at this time and you need to take action immediately.
– Call the Ford Dealer where you obtained your Explorer and tell them that you want your vehicle inspected under

Ford  Customer Satisfaction Program 17N03

When you drop off your vehicle for this inspection, its critical that you include as many details of your concerns as possible. This should include the readings from your Carbon Monoxide Detector
Continue to take detector reading after the Ford service work at Ford
– Read up on NY state lemon laws
– File a complaint at the NHTSA web site. NHTSA web site (National Highway Safety Administration)(click to connect)
– Become the squeaky wheel. This is how I succeeded and how I strongly suggest you proceed
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