Sandra’s Story

//Sandra’s Story

Sandra’s Story

  • Subject: Hate This Car Now!

    We bought our Ford Explorer October 16, 2018 and took our first road trip in this vehicle on November 23, 2017. We drove about 300 miles south to Galveston, TX. On the way back home, I was driving , when we got to about Houston, I told my husband I needed to pull over and let him drive, as I didn’t feel good and felt like I was going to pass out. He drove the rest of the way back home. I was thinking maybe I was getting sick or coming down with some kind of bug. I just felt always dizzy and light headed. I started to get a strange feeling my head, a strange tightness…I then got concerned. I went to my Doctor on December 27 to find out what he thought it may be. I just felt so weird and funny. I continue to go throughout January and my doctor telling me I needed to get a MRI on my brain because I couldn’t shake whatever I had. The strange feeling of dizziness was always there. I took off many days from work as I would start to drive into work about an hour away and kept feeling so dizzy that I couldn’t drive. I kept telling my Doctor when I was in my car driving that I felt the worse. I thought perhaps it was some kind of motion type of sickness like vertigo. He tested me for many things like that and after my MRI came back fine…I still was having issues. After many tests, medicines and all and never finding anything that would make it better, I didn’t know what else to do. I just knew I had felt weird and dizzy since our road trip to Galveston. I had NEVER thought about carbon monoxide until a friend of mine and I was talking about this weird feeling I kept having. She told me that I needed to take my car into the dealership and have it tested.
    I took my car in May 8th, 2018 to the dealership and guess what… has a Ford Customer Service Program 17N03 on the carbon monoxide! They say they want to fix the issue that really isn’t an issue?! So, I am wondering why was I never notified that this was a problem or why it was never fixed before I bought this car? I am obviously not happy about this after spending approximately $4000.00 in about 2 months to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I have a 9 year old daughter that I drive around all over with her friends and now I feel horrible that this gas is floating around in my car every day while I drive around andFord says there is nothing wrong with this car. Super NOT happy!! Wish I would have never bought this Ford!!! Not a happy Ford owner……

  •  Steve’s Comments
    First, so sorry for not responding earlier
    I hope that things are improving for you. You are/were in the same position as I was when I started in this whole mess. Ford telling you that there isn’t a problem, a recall not being generated and doctors not recognizing the symptoms. Luckily, I had friends that were educated on this and a doctor that believed me when I told her my theory.
    I hope that if you still have your vehicle, you have had it inspected by Ford just so that you can say that you have officially gone through the steps. Understand that the Ford program for inspection/repairs has been extended through the end of March, 2019
    I also hope that you have purchased and are using a Carbon Monoxide detector
    Remember, always, Be The Squeaky Wheel.
    Please get back to me and tell me how you are doing both from a health and vehicle ownership perspective
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