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Been very active the last few months dealing with my Ford Explorer and Carbon Monoxoide poisoning. This problem has been around since 2011 and Ford has not taken the right actions to correct. Over 2700 complaints lodged with the NHTSA but still no recall. I was successful in getting the local dealer to buy back my Explorer.
I got mad enough to create a web site,FordExplorerNightmare.com ,as a place for other Explorer owners to get advice on how to fight back.

Need your help to spread the word and increase the pressure on Ford

12/10/17 –

This weeks Ford Explorer post focuses on your tax dollars NOT working.
Under the Department of Transportation is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Under the Office of Defect Investigation (ODI). This is where auto recalls are investigated and hatched.
This past week, I spoke with Steve Ridella who is the director of this group about the status of a possible Ford Explorer CO recall. Don’t hold your breath, it isn’t good news.
1.6 million Explorers are in the investigation group. There have been over 2700 complaints. The ODI has been studying this for over one year and they have NOT YET COME TO A CONCLUSION !! I asked why and was told that they are carefully studying before any, if any actions are taken. There is NO estimate as to when they might move from investigation to action.
I find this VERY upsetting. How much more evidence do they need ?
There are a few things that you can do to help turn up the heat
1) Be sure that you have put in a complaint at NHTSA
2) Be sure to also put in a complaint at the Center for Auto Safety at autosafety.org. This group is planning a push this month to get a full recall. Please help them helpp us by taking their survey https://www.autosafety.org/ford-explorer-survey/

Need your help to spread the word and increase the pressure on Ford
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