Wendy’s Story

//Wendy’s Story

Wendy’s Story

Brought my Explorer in shortly after purchase due to burnt fumes smell. I was told by Ford that they could find nothing. I still smell the burnt fumes occasionally but didn’t bring it back to Ford dealership for fear they would think I was overreacting. I am waiting for my letter to bring it back in with confidence


Yes, you need to do that piece.
Please update me with the results and send me a complete story that I will post. The “powers” are watching this site. The more stories that are posted, the more it forces the NHSTA to move towards a recall to replace the exhaust manifolds.
Have you experienced any symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning ? Headaches, dizziness, nausea
Headaches, yes.  Sleepiness, yes – not sure they are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning, or not.  I usually leave my window open about an inch, or two to be safe.  I have not had any symptoms of dizziness, or nausea that I recall.
I will be very interested to hears what Ford tells you
Please keep me posted
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