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What Should You Do

You have three options on what to do

  1. Take legal action

This can take several forms. I have seen action taken via state lemon laws, personal injury and other avenues. How successful that you are working with lemon laws depends on how strong the laws are in your individual state in addition to how many attempts at repairs have been made by Ford. Lawyers cost money, experts to testify cost money and Ford has a LOT more money than most people do. The legal route is also a lengthy route. As a lawyer told me, personally, its great that you were not maimed mutilated or killed, legally, it’s a shame that you were not maimed, mutilated or killed.

  1. Become the squeaky wheel

This is the path that I have taken. I feel that I have been pretty successful and have caused many people to take note of what is going with this problem. I have reached out to every organization and individual listed in this web site. I have been very vocal in my many visits to the dealership where I purchased my Explorer. Yes, Ford has purchased back my Explorer. This was negotiated with the dealer as a trade in against a F150 at full purchase price of the Explorer. If you go this route, do not allow Ford to deduct mileage that you have put on your Explorer. Why should you pay to be poisoned !

The press is your friend. I have been interviewed on TV seven times, five locally and twice nationally. I have been interviewed by FairWarning.org, Bloomberg News and the Associated Press. This really makes a difference. I am convinced that my buyback would not have happened without local tv involvement. Thanks to WRAL.

In order of impact, I would suggest

  1. Do nothing

Please do not take this path. You cannot help yourself, your family or the group as a whole if you do nothing. Make your voice heard. It costs nothing except time to be a squeaky wheel.

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